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China 1960 - The 15th Anniversary of Liberation of Hungary
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China 1960 - The 15th Anniversary of Liberation of HungaryChina 1960 - The 15th Anniversary of Liberation of Hungary




Hungary entered the World War II (1939-1945) on the side of the Axis powers in order to gain back the territories that had been lost with the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, the peace agreement that formally ended World War I (1914-1918). In 1941, the Hungarian Army joined the German attack against the Soviet Union. After three years of constant fighting, Hungary was ready to exit the war, suffering from nearly 200,000 deaths and with the front lines approaching its own cities. As political forces within the country pushed for an end to the fighting, the German army pre-emptively launched Operation Margarethe in March 1944 and entered Hungary. Germany occupied the country for the remainder of the war and set up a puppet government. Thousands of Hungarian Jews and Gypsies were sent to death camps. In October 1944 Regent M. Horthy (1868-1957) tried to withdraw from the war by making a separate peace with the Allies but with the help of the Germans the Arrow Cross Party seized the power. Later that year Soviet troops invaded Hungary and the Red Army laid siege to Budapest on Christmas 1944. The country became a seat of war for the next few months. The fights and bombings destructed most of the Hungarian capital. The Red Army liberated the country from the Nazi Occupation by April 1945. Hungary signed the Paris Treaty in 1947 that restored the borders established by the Trianon Treaty.  





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