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DR 1933 - Opening Session of the new Reichstag
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DR 1933 - Opening Session of the new ReichstagDR 1933 - Opening Session of the new ReichstagDR 1933 - Opening Session of the new Reichstag


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The March 5, 1933, elections had conferred legitimacy on Adolf Hitler's leadership. On 21 March 1933 the new Reichstag was constituted with an opening ceremony at the Garrison Church in Potsdam (Brandenburg). This ceremony was held to demonstrate unity between German fascism and Prussian elite and military. The recently appointed Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, appeared in a formal morning coat and humbly greeted the heavily decorated President Paul von Hindenburg. The 'Day of Potsdam' is a symbol for the disastrous relationship between National Socialism and Prussianism and lead to the Enabling Act of 1933, which gave the Nazis full legislative powers, even allowing deviations from the constitution. 

Frederick II of Prussia (January 24, 1712 – August 17, 1786) was a king of Prussia from the Hohenzollern dynasty, reigning from 1740 to 1786. Because of his accomplishments he became known as Frederick the Great (Friedrich der Grosse) and was also nicknamed der alte Fritz ("Old Fritz").



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This is a philatelic and historical item, and is not intended to glorify any particular political ideology or regime. We do not endorse in any way the ideology and messages represented by these items. We urge you to regard all items from philatelic interest and as historical artifacts only. However, if you find yourself offended by certain symbols, you are kindly requested to hit your back button.


The condition for any acquisitions from Art Philately offers is for you to take notice of ß86 and ß86a StGB, German Law. 'A historical and military item from the year 1933-1945 with a third Reich emblem, is not to be used in any propagandistical way. It is strictly forbidden and a criminal offence.' The items only to be used, among other things, for civil educational intention, historical research, to report about the happenings of the NS-Time.





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