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DR 1939 - Nürburgring Motor Races
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DR 1939 - Nürburgring Motor RacesDR 1939 - Nürburgring Motor RacesDR 1939 - Nürburgring Motor Races




On May 15, 1939, the Reichspost issued a stamp set for the Nürburgring motor races. The stamps were identical to the ones issued for the Berlin Motor Show, 17th February 1939, with additional overprint in black: “Nürburgring-Rennen” (Nürburgring Races). The 1920s brought a racing challenge to light in Germany's Eifel mountain region. Until then, races were being held on public roads, proving to be dangerous to drivers and surrounding communities. A proposal was submitted to build a racing course similar to Italy’s Monza track and Berlin’s AVUS course, but with the ultimate goal of being proving grounds for German racers and automotive engineers. The unsatisfying safety situation led to the construction of the Nürburgring circuit in that area. The foundation stone was laid on 27th of September 1925 and only two years later, the original course was completed. Over 2,500 workers were assigned to the project and the final course was composed of 174 turns, and averaged 8-9 meters wide.



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