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In the morning of June 20, 1937, a Soviet built Tupolev ANT-25 RD landed at Vancouver's Pearson Air Field, completing the first airplane flight from the Soviet Union to the United States across the North Pole. Its crew, pilot Valery Chkalov, co-pilot Georgy Baidukov, and navigator Alexander Belyakov, arrived by the route christened the “Stalin’s Route” (“Сталинский маршрут”); those same words were boldly emblazoned on the aircraft itself.

The historic flight began on June 18, 1937, at Moscow’s Shchelkovo (Щёлково) airfield. The first 24 hours of the flight proved to be routine and uneventful, but as the ANT-25 approached the North Pole, the aircraft’s magnetic compass became inoperable and navigation had to rely solely on dead reckoning and a solar heading indicator, with corrections made by regular sun and star observations. Moreover, bad weather with strong headwinds and storms slowed the ANT-25’s progress and consumed fuel at an alarming rate. These impediments to progress also threatened to stretch the crew’s meager oxygen supplies to the limit...



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